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Sandra has been my Smash It! Coach for around 18 months.  I have found her approach to be very powerful.  In every session she has managed to get right through to the core of the issue and helped me gain clarity on a situation and what I needed to do next.  Not once has she told me what I needed to do but helped me realise that the answers lie inside me.  

Ute Thomas, Manager, Lidl UK

Quite simply, Sandra is the best coach that I have ever worked with.  She has an amazingly friendly approach which puts you at ease and makes her an absolute delight to work with.  Even though I would describe myself as being a highly motivated individual, I have been able to succeed at making more lasting changes in my life through working with Sandra than through any other approach.  As a result, I cannot recommend Sandra enough.  

Liz Harrison, Manager, Kent  County Council

I had a friendly coaching session with Sandra when I was feeling frustrated and a bit lost and had lost my confidence of where I was going in life. We talked through my values and beliefs and various other issues, and I truly believe that from that session I started to grow towards how I am now. With the tools I already had and the knowledge I had already learned, the extra little push from Sandra got me thinking in a new way about what I wanted and who I am. Thank you for that Sandra, knowing you has always been a positive thing in my life and the fun we have had is an added bonus!  

Maria McEwen, Pop Up Penzance

My Smash It! coaching sessions have really helped me to connect with and understand my core values and to see how some choices I was making were not nourishing my personality.  This new self-awareness is allowing me to begin realigning my life.  I now  make choices that fulfil me and allow me to focus on the things that matter most to me.  Sandra is clearly very knowledgeable and her friendly manner means sessions feel safe as well as valuable. By working with her I have been empowered to trust my instinct and to seek a balance in life that is more fulfilling overall – living the life I want to live. And who doesn’t want that?!  

Suz Inman, Copy Writer, Mightier Words

I highly commend Sandra as an excellent and authentic coach. In each of my sessions she was empathic and highly skilled at enabling me to distill my thoughts so that I could crystallise what actions I needed to take to make progress.  Sandra is efficient and effective at facilitating reflective thinking and ensuring I left with a clear plan.  I usually arrived for each session feeling a bit stressed and without exception I left calm and clear about my next steps.  Sandra is inspirational in her approach to personal and professional development and ‘walks the talk’ and is a great role model for women.  I would like to say a big thank you for giving me the tools to recall our discussions when I feel I’m going off track and to check in with myself to maintain clarity and belief in what I do for myself, my team and colleagues.

Charlotte Hill, Manager, Cornwall County Council


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