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Sandra Cassidy

I came to London from Ireland 30 years ago, worked in the business side of the NHS for a while then decided to train as a Massage Therapist.  Following a year of travelling to India and living in Australia I moved to Brighton where I studied Nutritional Therapy.  It was practicing this that I realised I needed to learn to use coaching techniques to be truly able to help my clients as it seemed a lot of their issues around food and nutrition were actually deeply rooted in emotional issues from other areas of their life.  I was already an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner but I felt I needed more.

I went on to study a Diploma in Life Coaching from the Association of Natural Medicine with further training in Effective Brief Psychotherapy, Guided Imagery and Visualisation for Therapeutic Change and How to Lift Depression from the Human Givens Institute.

It was this learning, and working more on an emotional level with clients, that led me to discover that my true passion lies in working as a Behaviour Change Coach -  motivating people to smash the barriers that hold them back from loving their life.

My passion is Behaviour Change Coaching because I'm interested in people.  I like getting to know people and understand what makes them tick.  As a Behaviour Change Coach I can help people to reconnect with what that is.  And the key to this is to discover and Smash the barriers that are in your way. 

I moved to Cornwall in 2011  where I continue to work for BCS (Behaviour Change Specialists) with business clients in the UK and overseas (hooray for digital tech!).  I've also coached for Cornwall Council  and businesses across the Duchy as well as running The Smash It! Coach.

I'm now very happy to have joined with the lovely team at Clarence House Therapy rooms.

In October 2019 I qualified via as a 250 hour level 1 Vinyasa Yoga Teacher undertaking in-depth study into asana, pranayama, meditation, anatomy and yoga philosophy.  Visit my yoga page here

My values of caring, connection, open mindedness, health and fun mean my clients are guaranteed a unique, warm, non judgemental experience, focused on achieving the results they want.

I'm registered on the UK Life Coach Directory:


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